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Globalisation has created opportunities and challenges for the local construction industry and it remains competitive in the domestic and global levels.


In line with one of the functions stipulated in Act 520 – to promote, stimulate and assist in the export of services related to the construction industry – CIDB’s International division actively carries out these initiatives:


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Until 2015, Malaysian construction has demonstrated outstanding achievement at the global level when the local construction industry players have won and completed 781 projects worth RM113.86 billion internationally.


For more information:

Tel: 03-4047 7355/7359/7376


Market Intelligence

The International division has compiled and published “Doing Business” that looks into country profiles, law and regulations, investment, finance and other pertinent information on countries that show potential. Market Alerts are included too.

  1. Market Alert
  2. Country Report
  3. Newsletter
  4. International Tender
  5. International Event
  6. Directory of Professional Construction


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