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  • Pekeliling SCORE

    SCORE Certification Terms for G7’s SPKK

    To inform the G7 Contractors on the additional terms of the SPKK renewal is a valid SCORE certificate NEXT

  • Pekeliling Cover

    CIDB Contractor Responsibility Circulations

    To provide a reminder to all Contractors registered with the Board to give serious attention in contactor responsibility on safety in construction; especially those involving the general public safety NEXT

  • Tatatertib Cover

    Government Works Acquisition Certificate (SPKK) Disciplinary Actions

    To inform all contractors registered under Act 520 as well as Government Works Acquisition Certificate (SPKK) holder that the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is empowered under the Treasury Circulation PK4/2014 to manage on behalf of the Government all disciplinary actions against the contractor who fail to fulfil the stipulated terms of contract. NEXT

  • Integriti Cover

    Integrity Programmes

    This course is to provide awareness to building contractors on the importance of integrity and its strengthening in the execution of construction works. NEXT

  • Kod Etike Cover

    Kod Etika Kontraktor

    Kod Etika Kontraktor merupakan satu set etika serta perilaku murni yang diterima sebagai amalan piawaian di kalangan kontraktor yang mampu mendorong dan
    meningkatkan tahap profesionalisma, integriti dan akauntabiliti yang tinggi.

  • Pembangunan Cover

    Continuous Contractor Development (CCD)

    To increase the contractors’ knowledge and professionalism through their participation in CCD programmes. It also provides certification to those who have contributed immensely to the development of the construction industry locally and abroad NEXT

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