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According to statistics by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia, in 2016, about 41% of occupational fatalities are from the construction sector involving 99 fatalities. Due to high concern for this figure, the DOSH Malaysia has issue a new guideline called Guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health in Construction Industry (Management) 2017. In this conference, the essence of the guideline will be explored where the requirements for designers, contractors, employers, and employees are to be discussed.



The overall objective of the conference is to ensure that participants are familiar with the new guideline of Guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health in Construction Industry (Management) 2017 as well as BIM requirements. Hence, the following sub-objectives need to be fulfilled in order to accomplish the overall objectives:

Ø      - To explain the need of the CIM Guideline 2017 to participants.

Ø      - To outline the legal requirement for designers, contractors, owners, employers, and employees as a pitulate in CIM Guideline 2017.

Ø      - Understand the key elements and the right measures for employer and management to improve safety performance in construction sector.

Ø     - To explain what is BIM and its benefits for safety practitioners.

Ø     - To utilize the guideline of BIM and CDM for continuous improvement of safety and health.